Charivari Detroit 2017

Charivari Detroit (pronounced 'shahr uh vahr ee') is an annual music festival in the city of Detroit. It focuses on electronic dance music - specifically house. In previous years the event was hosted on Belle Isle, an island park in the Detroit River, but was relocated to the West Riverfront Park this year. The park was an upgrade from Belle Isle since it was much larger and you could see the Detroit Skyline as well as the Ambassador Bridge.

Charivari itself is not your typical music festival with thousands of people and big name artists hitting the stage. Instead, it pulls from the local community with DJs, artists, and vendors from the Metro Detroit area. Although small, the event had hundreds of people dancing and grooving to the beat of the bass. The festival grounds this year consisted of 3 stages where DJs performed and mixed live. Instead of being on elevated platforms and fenced off, the DJ tables were right next to the crowd - creating an intimate experience. 

Here is the 2017 line-up and some of my favorite sets from this year:

The line-up for Charivari 2017

The line-up for Charivari 2017

The live music was also accompanied by local Detroit artists and their works. There was a tent specifically set up for paintings and merchandise sold by Detroit is Dope (DiD). Their dad hats were even hand painted! 

Again, Charivari is not your typical music festival. But that shouldn't deter you from going. The music, the people, and the culture are what it make it such a unique event. Detroit has had a bad reputation for as long as I can remember but events like these show us that the city is alive and well. This is what brings the people of Detroit together and is also what makes me proud to call this my city. 

I think that Charivari's slogan says it well:

Let Yourself Go! Shine!

I'm excited to see the continued growth of Charivari and the development of Detroit's downtown. And no matter what people say; Detroit Hustles Harder.